Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Vintage Stuff

I uploaded a  bunch of new designs to Etsy today and placed them into a section titled, "Vintage Photo Cards".  I actually had acquired a bunch of old 1940's/1950's black and white photographs about five years ago.  They were from my dad's side of the family...relatives he had lost touch with, passed on, and what not.

But I knew that someday those pictures would be used in a future art project.  Once I created one, I was addicted.  I am definitely going to start scavenging through some antique stores for new material, as I have already used up what I had "in stock".  It bums me out because a few years back when I had decided to launch Razberries, I had bought some old photographs from a bin at an antique store somewhere up in Maine with the idea that they would somehow be made into cards. This was before I even owned a decent printer, Photoshop, or a scanner. Of course, I have moved so many times, that I either threw them out inadvertently, or they've been misplaced.

I distinctly remember the bin  at the antique shop being labeled, "Create your own family." I thought it was a funny little sign, but I was intrigued, so I dug right in.  I sifted through at least fifty photographs.  Ones of families, of children, of pets, and special moments...It was a bit sad but interesting at the same time.  Sad because someone had taken those photos, and at one point, those people and things in those pictures meant something to someone. To have had them last so long and be in the condition they were in, I believed that there was perhaps a little old lady who had passed away, and had no living relatives, and her items were just thrown wherever into the universe.

I guess I am overthinking it too much.  I personally love photographs, especially old ones, because they help remember what you did years ago, how you used to look, friends and places of your past that you may have forgotten about...Anyhoo, here is one of my favorites.  I have two (!) interviews tomorrow, so wish me luck!  I am so sick of being unemployed.  Have a good night!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafters and Artisans Site

My fellow Etsian (KnitsForKids), whom I met on Twitter, of all places, is doing something very special for online artists like myself. Cecile, founder of the "Crafters and Artisans Directory", has kindly linked my Razberries site to her site/blog.  She is also an abundant source of knowledge.  If you would like to be a part of her artist community, feel free to shoot her an email.  To pay it forward, perhaps you could mention her on your site or Etsy page, as well as click on the Google ads, which help keep her site running.   Here is her site:

Over the weekend, I created 22 different photo card designs, as well as 2 new prints, which I will be debuting on Etsy in the near future.  I just got done editing all of my photos this morning, now comes the tedious (but fun) task of adding to my shop.  All I have left to work on are some more Christmas/winter holiday items as I would like to have those at the craft fair.  People always seem to buy ahead, don't they? I usually start Christmas shopping now, but then again, I am a little bit nutty.

Funds are tight this year, as I am one of the many people who are still unemployed in this country.  Which bascially means that some of my gifts to friends and family will most likely be homemade.  I am fortunate enough though, that most of what I give to people, I think they actually enjoy (I hope?).  It is so exciting to create a personalized gift for a loved one, and there is no better feeling than when you see someone's eyes light up when they receive your gift. 

Well, I am off to Etsy to upload some photos and create some listings, while I am watching my favorite soap, "Days of Our Lives".  I told you I was nutty, didn't I?

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