Friday, October 23, 2009

Coolness- craft fair in Faneuil Hall this December!

I signed up to be a vendor in Boston this winter. This will be very cool- it's not til December, but this gives me even more motivation to get some more inventory out there....

I also got Deb to sign up (yay) and my new crafty bud Barbie (yes, that is her real name and she's a great gal). I have put some more recent designs on Etsy, too..."Bump", a gal who is preggers- good for a baby shower or to congratulate the mom-to-be; "Pleasantville", my homage to one of my favorite movies, and lots of other things that I am way too tired to write about.

I was asked to write a bio today for the "Rockin' Shop" (the December craft thing)- it is hard work trying to make yourself sound good- LOL.  Oh well, it has been an interesting but creative week.  I am still one of the ungainfully unemployed; I hope that changes soon!  The only good thing, like always is that I have plenty of time on my hands to create and make a mess (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend).

Tomorrow I am off to a lia sophia/costume party.  I am going as Octomom!  I know, it's already been done, but I figured it was a cheap and easy idea.  Pictures will be on my facebook only (sorry to disappoint you, I know you are so bummed- yeah right)- I am sure they will be way embarrassing!

Nighty night...zzzzzzzz

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