Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Etsy Treasuries Galore!

There have been some very nice people featuring my artwork in their Etsy treasuries lately!  I am going to post them all here.  I apologize that it took me so very long to post some of them.  On a positive note, the Etsy Treasury East now has unexpiring treasuries! So what does that mean, exactly?
Well, now you can see active live links to all of the other sellers included with me in those very treasuries, as well as active links to the Etsy shops who generously picked me for them.  Feel free to check out ALL of these shops, and feel good about buying handmade. This is so cool!

Drumroll, please....

My Bon Voyage card was featured in this one:


My Lucy print was featured in this one:

And lucky me, my good friend SoapyHo on Etsy (a Regretsy fan favorite) placed me into TWO Regretsy-themed treasuries.  What a true honor.

This Regretsy treasury features "Mini-Me April Winchell":

And last, but certainly not least, my Corny card and magnet set featured in a rather funny and silly treasury:

Monday, May 10, 2010

My artwork was included in a Regretsy charity auction!

Like I said, I am trying to play catch-up, so please bear with me...I hope to eventually include all of the photos and links on my main site (http://www.razberries.com/) too.

April Winchell had asked on http://www.regretsy.com/  if anyone would like to donate artwork for a charity auction to Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe in NYC for the end of April.  The money raised would go to homeless people living with AIDS. Here is a link to the event that took place on 4/28/2010. http://www.housingworks.org/events/detail/regretsy-signing-reading-and-original-art-auction/

There were a total of ten lots for the auction, and I was fortunate to have a few of my items in 3 different lots for the auction.  Here are the links to the lots that I was included in:

The Regretsy Plush Collection ( with my Mr. Snarky Sauce stuffed ketchup bottle)

The Regretsy Vagoo Tote Bag (with my Regretsy-inspired magnet set)

The Regretsy Jewelry Collection (with a reproduction of my Mini-Me April Winchell figure and Queen of Snark pendant necklace)

I was also fortunate enough to be able to make it to the event in NYC!  I went with my best friend from high school, and got to meet some other Regretsy fans/artists, and of course, April Winchell!  It was a wonderful evening!  $1,200 was raised for charity!  It was even filmed by ABC's "Nightline"!  I wonder if me and my friend will be in the background once it is aired-LOL.  I will list more info about it once I know anything.

Below is a photo of myself and April, taken by my friend/artist Mari Lowery (here is her shop on Etsy http://www.frankenkitty.etsy.com/)
Notice how April is holding a duck, just like the "duck lady" that is kinda sorta similar to the Regretsy logo.  I got the idea to bring a rubber duckie because of my friend on the Regretsy site, "Ducksnew"- she had said I should bring a duck and ham it up in the background if the Nightline people were filming around me.  Well, I told her I'd one-up that idea and have the duck lady herself hold the duck!  So that's the explanation for this photo, if you happened to be wondering. ;-)

Sorry I have been M.I.A.

I have lots to catch you all up on!  First and foremost, I would like to thank those kind souls who featured some of my artwork in their etsy treasuries this past month.  Although I admit I am lazy about maintaining this blog, I do try to keep up with documenting all of the exciting moments.

I am going to separate each entry for easier reading, but here is one of the first ones...around April 11th, Valentine Fiber Arts (the creator of the "whimsicle" beaded butterfly pin) put together a cute treasury featuring artists that were in the Regretsy book. 

My "chicken poncho" card and magnet gift set (http://www.etsy.com/listing/45259653/chicken-poncho-card-and-magnet-gift-set) was one of the items featured.  My good friend Jen Grant, (http://www.gooseontheloose.etsy.com/) creator of the original chicken poncho- which is coincidentally, on the cover of the book- and I collaborated on the idea.  Some of the proceeds from this item (as well as a chicken poncho pendant necklace also available on my etsy site) will go to Oxfam.  I also had a great time redesigning Jen's etsy shop banner, so check it out!

Although the treasury isn't viewable currently, I of course have conveniently screen capped the treasury (I told you I document everything) for you to view here.  It was a real honor to be featured alongside some of my other favorite friends/Regretsy artists.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I made it into the Regretsy book!

One of my idols, April Winchell, creator of the Regretsy website (http://www.regretsy.com/), recently released her much-anticipated book, "Regretsy- Where DIY Meets WTF".  I was fortunate enough to have a small part inside of the book.  My artwork is actually April's author photo in the back of her book! 

Here's the story:
This past January, I had sent April a miniature clay figure that I fashioned to look just like her in celebration of her 50th Birthday.  I took the style of clothing from a picture I found of her on the internet- I made a little white button-down shirt and black jacket for her, glazed her, and sent her off with a card and a poem.

It was beyond my wildest dreams, then, when out of the blue, April sent me an email message saying that she had received the package and liked the miniature April figure so much, that she would like to use a photo of the figure as her author photo in the book!  She told me she would contact Random House (who is the publisher for the book) and get back to me.  Here and there, I would get emails from April saying she was 90% positive that Random House was going to go for it.

I was flattered enough that she even wanted to use a photo of the figure, and just remained patient, not expecting anything, but hoping that my dream would come true.  Then one day, April sent me a picture showing my artwork in her book.  That made it real.  On April 6th the book was released, and I went right into Borders Bookstore and picked up two copies- one for myself, and one for my folks.

Ironically, I actually won a Regretsy book cover designing contest http://www.regretsy.com/category/contests/, and my prize was a signed copy of the book.  I have the intentions to keep the one that April signs wrapped up and untouched.  The other copy will go on my coffee table, and the last copy will go to my folks.

The best part of this whole story is I will actually get to meet April in person at the end of the month in Boston!  I will share more details as the event draws closer.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wizard of Oz Card Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

A couple of days ago, I tweeted and mentioned this on facebook, so I apologize for not including a link.  But as with all good things, this too must come to an end.  Being featured is a real honor, but the time is literally very fleeting.  As I have mentioned in the past but will mention again, the treasuries expire almost as quickly as when they go up.
But of course I have frozen the moment in time by taking some screen caps.  This treasury had a Wizard of Oz and poppies theme- including one of sleepiness, aptly titled, "Rest easy, my friends."  How flattering to have my humble little card be featured with such gorgeous artwork!  I really enjoy the photograph of the tinman in the second row, don't you?

I have been very busy trying to add new things to my Etsy shop.  New to the shop are pendants and bottle cap magnets.  Now you can wear my art as well as simply hang it on the fridge!  I am actually quite excited to wear one of my new pendants out and about. I try to create things that I enjoy, and hope others will enjoy them, too.  I will try to remember to attach some pictures here when I get a moment.

We were part of the fortunate few who didn't lose power the other day.  We've had some very bad wintery weather on the east cost recently!  Tomorrow I hope to create or design some more things.  You know what they say about idle hands...still actively job searching, as always.  Hope you have a nice weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy V-Day, one day early!

My "Friends Know" card just got featured in yet another Etsy treasury!  This same card was just featured a few days ago...funny, huh? It is actually one of my favorites, so I am glad people seem to like the design, too.  I have included the link, as well as a screen shot...
Please take a moment to look at the sassy hot pink and black items from my fellow artists in this category! My card is more pale pink, but hey, that makes it stand out, right? And how flattering to be featured!
♥ Happy Valentine's Day- hope you enjoy your weekend with the ones that you love ♥

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Friends Know" featured in Etsy treasury!

How flattering!  This treasury has a beautiful collection of rose-inspired items, aptly titled, "Rose Colored Glasses."  I have included a screen shot of the treasury as always. I'm shown in the bottom row... Please check out my fellow artists in this category by clicking on the link below....
FYI, I hope to have my Razberries domained linked soon! :-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new site coming soon!

Last week, I created a new Razberries site. Eventually, this blog will be just one of many pages on my site.  I am excited about this, because now my site shall look "real" and not have a blog page as a home page.  Not that I am not interested in maintaining a blog, but I would really like the focus to be on my artwork, first and foremost.

I also revamped my Etsy site a bit- I changed the banner to match my new site presence.  Just so that everything will flow and look more cohesive.  I am going with a chocolate brown, pale pink, hot pink, and kelly green color scheme.  Mostly the colors I had before, but now brown is the dominant color.

I made 6 little Valentine-inspired heart magnets for the upcoming expo.  I plan on having them be sold at the expo, so I am not sure if I will intend to sell them on Etsy or not.  I will try to take some pictures, regardless.  I need to mail the package out to my friends in Maine tomorrow, or they may not get it in time!

Hope you are enjoying what is left of your week!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Day! (er, evening...)

I won a contest yesterday for my friend's web design company, J Maze Design!  Here is a link to her site... http://www.jmazedesign.com/
They wanted a new name for their content management system, aka CMS.  I came up with Prizm, and it won!  How cool is that? I won an Ipod touch- not too shabby, huh?
And I really am truly the person who never wins anything.

So I couldn't imagine my week could get any better, but I recently had the grand honor of receiving the cyber ribbon titled, "Regretsy Comment of the Day" on one of my most favorite places on the internet, Regretsy!

Here, check it out!

Hope that you all have some good luck this week, too :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Razberries" print featured in a treasury!

Hello, everyone.  Sorry I have not been in touch lately.  I don't really have too many excuses, except for that I have been busy with other things non-art related in my personal life.  Although I have been busy in that I just uploaded a few new Valentine's Day designs to my Etsy shop this past week.  I am also working on putting some things together for my friends up in Presque Isle, Maine for a wedding expo.  My friends (an events/wedding photographer and wedding planner) were gracious enough to offer me a chance to display my wares alongside theirs.  All I gotta do is ship 'em a big old box of stuff.  So busy putting together Valentine and wedding-themed cards/items as the expo is in the beginning of February.

What a nice way to wake up this morning- I received an Etsy convo saying that one of my prints was being featured in a pink and green treasury.  With wo of my favorite colors- very preppy, very cute.  Here is the link, but again, I have included a screen shot as well because those treasuries vanish very quickly.  Please take a moment to browse the other items in this lovely treasury.  Close to my heart because of the color scheme, and also the items that were chosen reflect things that I would actually pick/purchase for myself or as gifts.  http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=108448

Speaking of pink and green, the colors of spring, I went out this morning to put out the garbage for trash day.  I just threw on a light jacket.  It is unusually warm on the Northeast coast this morning.  So refreshing.  I am ready for spring, are you?  Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.  I will try to post more when I can; sorry I have really been so awfully lazy about it. 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Crazy Week, but Happy 2010!

Sorry I have not had much to comment about lately- someone near and dear is sick...ugh.  This week has been a blur...I am so thankful to have friends and family at trying times like these.  I hope that 2010 will bring many good, positive things to all of us. 

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?  Every year I say to myself I will make some, but I never keep them.  Rather than pick just one day out of the year to make a difference in our lives (or others), we ought to take one day a week, or month and keep up with self-improvement.  Of course, I don't practice what I preach!

Every day it's something else.  When it rains, it pours lately.  I am trying my hardest to kick that perpetual rain cloud up and outta my way!

 I find that doing artwork is one of the most therapeutic activities of all.  Whenever I am creating, I can temporarily forget my worries and just have some fun.  I was working on a clay project for someone as a surprise birthday present, and I was grateful for the time I spent to take my mind off of what is currently troubling me.

Well, I hope that you had a nice holiday, and that you are careful traveling home!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready for the holiday...

Well, I only have a few tiny things left to wrap and then I am done.  I made some gingerbread man ornaments for my dad's colleagues, which was a fun little project.  Also worked on a piece of  custom art work for one of my friends who was giving it as a gift to her mother on Christmas.  Happy to say that she got it delivered in time, too!

The ornaments were a new idea I came up with...I just didn't know how well they would come out, but I am actually quite pleased with them.  Maybe next  year I will make some for my Etsy site.  Only thing is, with things so fragile as these are, the customer would almost pay as much in shipping as the item itself.  If I have some time today, I may make more for my upcoming family visits...

I hope you all have a happy holiday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yay I was featured in another Etsy treasury!

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!  I have been busy updating my Etsy shop with some new card designs.  Since all of my Christmas shopping is done, packages wrapped, and cards sent out, I can focus on doing the fun stuff.
What a great surprise, then to find out that a card I literally uploaded last night was featured in an Etsy treasury!  Going along the theme of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", my "Drummer" card was one of many different drum-themed items.

Here is the link to view the treasury...

I am also including a screen shot of the treasury, because the Etsy treasuries don't last very long!  I am featured in the third row, last picture on the right. Please take the time to view it, if possible and support my other fellow artists in this category...

Have a lovely weekend!  I will try to write more if I can before Christmas rolls around.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's officially winter out there...

Brrr!  I think I am pretty much done uploading holiday cards to Etsy this week.  The holiday craft fair in Boston went so-so, but I did make some connections and met some wonderful people.  Plus I got to spend the entire day with one of my best buds and her hubby, so not too shabby!  I came out ahead and not under, so at least that is a positive.

I just uploaded about ten or so designs to Etsy in the past three days.  I have more designs that are ready to go, but trying to scatter them out as it seems not too many people venture onto Etsy on Saturdays.  I seem to get more views of my items if I post them on a weeknight after the typical 9-5 workday hours.

I am also busy "spreading the gospel" of a site that has gone viral- Regretsy...if you haven't heard of it, you must be living under a rock!  It is one of the funniest websites ever, and I go there often for my daily fix of humor.  http://www.regretsy.com/
(You'll even find me on there as the poster, "Razberries" -of course).

Speaking of humor, a friend I met on Facebook of all places (through a mutual friend), granted me permission to create some funny card designs with his childhood photos.  I had originally seen the photos in one of his albums, then asked him for permission to use them in some way, because they were too wonderful to not share with the world.  His name is Jim, and he is known as "Jimmy" in the two designs I have thus far created.  Below, is the design, "Cry Baby".

I am off now to apply for some jobs online.  I hope you all have a good rest of the weekend, and get all of your holiday shopping done!  I am almost done with mine- just have a few things to wrap and I'm done. :-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Craft Fair in Boston tomorrow!

My buddy Deb and I are venturing into Boston tomorrow- I hope this snow stops! Not that I don't love seeing it for the first time this winter season, it is just that it may make our travel and set up tomorrow just a tad unbearable.

The Rockin' Shop is the name of the event tomorrow in Faneuil Hall in Boston. 

I have been busy getting last minute details together for the show.  I have created some new holiday cards and ornaments that aren't even uploaded to my Etsy account yet. 

In other "news" I am practically done with my holiday shopping, and have already sent out my Christmas cards.  I may sound like an over achiever, but  remember, I am still unemployed.  I would be climbing the walls if I didn't keep myself busy!

Well, back to "work" for me...there are some last minute details that I want to work on before I wake up bright and early...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Logo work...

Just helped my friend Jenni over at Star City Coordinators (aka Events by Jenni) create a new logo as well as a design for her new blog page.

Check her out!


Jenni mostly has clientele in the Northern Maine area, but she'd be happy to discuss and consult with other areas, too.  Some of her specialties are weddings and event planning for occasions such as birthdays, etc.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Kiss the Cook" featured in Etsy treasury!

Yay! I have had the honor of being a featured artist again in an Etsy treasury...how flattering is that?  My "Kiss the Cook" print and other cute kiss-inspired (the activity, not the band!) artwork are a part of this treasury, aptly titled, "Pucker Up!" Please check it out and support my fellow artists! 

Here is the link...

And here is a quick screen shot in case you can't view the link (fyi, Etsy treasuries only last about 3 days, then they're gone...sad, I know!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New stuff on Etsy!

I just finished posting a bunch of new prints...still have more to do/post but taking a break from the pc.  Had awful red eyes once again before going to bed because I was working on the computer all day.  Not so good!

Anyhoo, here are some images for you to view...many more on my etsy.  Have a good rest of the day...I am freezing here! Brrrrr!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes, I have been M.I.A....

I have been quite busy lately- I have that upcoming craft fair in Boston that I have been focussing most of my energies on.  Anyhoo, the past couple of days have been delightful days for creating!
I have designed some new greeting cards and also prints.  I also "learned" how to print directly onto my cardstock...I think this will make my cards look much more streamlined, plus it allows me to print my logo directly onto the back of the card, rather than my old alternative of placing a sticker on the back.  Plus then I don't have to adhere photos to the fronts.  Although some of the designs I like as photos...so I am not sure what I am going to do. ???  Then there is the whole process of taking all new photos for Etsy because of the changes.  Argh.

I have done two custom orders in the past two weeks- these are a lot of fun for me, because making something personal for someone is such an honor.  I made one recently for one of my friends, who is giving it as an Xmas gift.  Then today I received an order to customize one of the prints I currently have in stock.

I hope to get some images on here soon, just because I love having pictures on my site, and it gives me a chance to show you what I am working on! I recently finished a print of a hairdresser-thought it could look cute framed in a beauty shop or something.  I am just about to begin another print, too...like I said, busy bee! I also had an interview today that I think went pretty well, considering I have a second interview coming up, but of course me speaking of it makes me superstitious...

If I don't happen to get back on here this week, I hope you all have a Happy Turkey Day!  Thanksgiving is personally one of my favorite holidays.  You can eat all you want and you don't have to exchange presents.  What could be better, I ask?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick me, sick turtle

Okay, so again I am having an issue with another of my turtles...another neck bite.  Now that they have come to maturity I think it is time to separate my remaining two because if I don't, who knows what will happen.

I noticed the female Raquel is attacking Leo, the smaller turtle.  I luckily had leftover medicine from Big Boy's neck injury, but I am afraid that Leo will end up like Big Boy if I don't take action-who knows, maybe Raquel killed him? I will never know.  Right now I quarantine each of them in a bucket within their tank in different time slots throughout the day just to make sure that each of them can swim and get some of the heat lamp.  But this is only a temporary solution.

Our place will end up looking like Sea World, because I am considering that the only real solution is to get two separate tanks.  Don't ask why Raquel is biting Leo, I have no idea.  Usually the males bite the females in mating, but I am 90% positive that Raquel is indeed a female.  I know this because Big Boy used to do this "mating call" thing with her typical of their breed...he would put his claws out in front of her and swirl his arms around in the water in front of her face- a sort of mating dance, if you will.

Anyhoo, whilst that turtle drama is going on, I am home sick with an awful viral infection.  I don't feel motivated to do much at all.  Although I did just upload about 7 or 8 new designs to Etsy.  I bought some wonderful vintage photos in Essex, MA last Sunday and was able to incorporate them into some designs.  Then I digitally altered some photos I already had.  One in particular was of our cat, Lucky from last year at Valentine's Day.  She even gave her "Paw's up" approval on her print!

Well, I hope you have a lovely Veteran's Day!  Thanks to everyone who has served or is serving, both past and present, that take such good care of our country.  We really appreciate all that you do for us!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Although I had heard of it, I never had really looked into it.  The neat thing is that someone contacted me through Etsy today to let me know that she had picked my "The Brady Bunch" clay figures set to compliment an article she wrote about the character Jan Brady from the show.

It seems that Squidoo is another blog site.  Pretty cool, I must say!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Photo Restoration

We got home fairly early from trick-or-treating with my little nephew and his friends.  It was only of course around 10:30 pm that I started to get the "art bug" once again.

I created four new vintage card designs, and have some possible ones in my "maybe" pile...these are ones I will go back to and edit and change color and/or schemes, text, etc.

In the meantime, there was one photo of my mother from her childhood that I absolutely loved but it was cracked right down the middle of her face and some of her teeth were even missing!

Playing in Photoshop, I came up with this...

I am quite pleased considering this is my first true photo restoration.  My parents have so many old photos that just need a bit of TLC.  I figure besides scanning them, I may as well clean them up a bit, too.  I am not particularly concerned with the miniscule marks of age- this gives them character.  However, big giant gashes across a face never look good. (Unless you are a zombie at Halloween!)

I think that Photoshop is such a wonderful program.  It is also good when you want to take something out of a photo too. Such as a random person in a background, etc...we've come such a long way over the years in photography, haven't we?  Digital cameras and Photoshop.  Nothing like the way we used to have to drop off a bunch of film at Walmart and hope that at least part of the roll had some halfway decent photos.  Amen to that!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghostly Image

Maybe it's 'cause it is almost Halloween that I happened to notice this...I was busy scanning some old photos for some new designs for greeting cards this afternoon and came upon this photo in an album I had borrowed from my father:

Is it just me, or do you also see a little boy "driving" this automobile?  My father has not had a chance to look at it yet, but I also emailed him this image.  This photo was obviously not altered by me or anyone else.  It is from the late 1930's/early 1940's and was taken in New York.  One of the women in it is my Great Aunt (she is on the far left, almost out of the picture), but other than that I have no other information on this photo.

At first glance, there is nothing too odd in particular, but look closer- the boy's entire body can be seen through the vehicle.  And the car's door is shut.  You may also notice another "face" or spectral image in the vicinity of the older gentleman's body.

Some may say it was a double exposure, a reflection from another car; some sort of glitch.  But I like to think of it as a cool, eery, and other-wordly image. Either way, I think it fits in perfectly this time of year, don't you?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day of Days Contest

Ok, so I am an admitted dork...I absolutely love the soap, "Days of Our Lives" and have been watching it since I was about five years old.  I got hooked because of my mother.  My grandmother watched, too. 

Throughout grade school and into high school I watched.  When we got a VCR that was a huge deal because it meant I wouldn't miss an episode.  When I went off to college, I still tried to keep up and would watch between classes when I could.  At the time, we didn't have cable in our dorm rooms so I only could watch it live once in a while.

And now being in my 30's, I have my DVR to keep me entertained.  Although currently being unemployed, it is easy enough to watch during the day during the normal 1:00 pm time slot, I find it so much more enjoyable when I skip a day that way I don't have to endure the annoying commercials and can jump right into the story.  I have gone to a charity event last year to even meet some of the cast and almost had a heart attack when I got to actually get their autographs and take pictures and hug them!  I follow most of the cast on Twitter...so you see I am quite obsessed, yes?

Well, so much so that I recently entered the Bonnie Hunt Show's "Day of Days" contest.  I entered last year and was super bummed that I didn't at least get an honorable mention or something.  The object of the contest last year was just to write something saying why you were DOOL's biggest fan.  And it had to be in a certain amount of words (100? I can't remember) or less.  I wrote a poem, and I thought it was quite good.  Oh well.  Bonnie's staff obviously didn't.  The gal that won the prize I am sure was deserving, but all I honestly remember was that she named one of her daughters Kayla (after a character on the show).

But that hasn't deterred me from my goal this year.  This year's contest was to submit a 2 minute (or less) video explaining again why you were the biggest fan and also some other tidbits such as humor and pretend-interviewing one of the cast members, etc...I am glad that this contest will allow those like myself with some creativity in their bones to enter and be noticed! I submitted my entry last night.  I did many video takes for my sacred entry.  The good thing this year is that they will have the top 3 go to her show.  Just to meet Ms. Hunt would be cool!  I hope I win; wish me luck!

I will find out next week...to be continued :-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coolness- craft fair in Faneuil Hall this December!

I signed up to be a vendor in Boston this winter. This will be very cool- it's not til December, but this gives me even more motivation to get some more inventory out there....


I also got Deb to sign up (yay) and my new crafty bud Barbie (yes, that is her real name and she's a great gal). I have put some more recent designs on Etsy, too..."Bump", a gal who is preggers- good for a baby shower or to congratulate the mom-to-be; "Pleasantville", my homage to one of my favorite movies, and lots of other things that I am way too tired to write about.

I was asked to write a bio today for the "Rockin' Shop" (the December craft thing)- it is hard work trying to make yourself sound good- LOL.  Oh well, it has been an interesting but creative week.  I am still one of the ungainfully unemployed; I hope that changes soon!  The only good thing, like always is that I have plenty of time on my hands to create and make a mess (much to the chagrin of my boyfriend).

Tomorrow I am off to a lia sophia/costume party.  I am going as Octomom!  I know, it's already been done, but I figured it was a cheap and easy idea.  Pictures will be on my facebook only (sorry to disappoint you, I know you are so bummed- yeah right)- I am sure they will be way embarrassing!

Nighty night...zzzzzzzz

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Big Boy

Sheesh, it's been one heckuva year!  Came back from running errands yesterday and went to feed the three turtles...one of them, the infamous "Big Boy" (the one who had the neck infection) wasn't moving from the bottom of the water.  So I picked him up and noticed that his eyes were closed and his little legs were all stiff and sticking straight out.  Ugh.

I am not sure what he died of, but I was so sad.  After having such a lovely weekend, meeting new vendors/friends/connections at the craft fair this past weekend, I was thinking positively and getting inspired.  Right now "Big Boy" is in my freezer in a ziploc baggie awaiting to be buried at my mother's, just like our dog "Pokey" was in August.

I did take many pictures of my turtles, and "Big Boy" always was a ham for the camera!  I will post some new designs and also some pictures of the fair when I am up to it.  It was sooo windy there on the farm! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Vintage Stuff

I uploaded a  bunch of new designs to Etsy today and placed them into a section titled, "Vintage Photo Cards".  I actually had acquired a bunch of old 1940's/1950's black and white photographs about five years ago.  They were from my dad's side of the family...relatives he had lost touch with, passed on, and what not.

But I knew that someday those pictures would be used in a future art project.  Once I created one, I was addicted.  I am definitely going to start scavenging through some antique stores for new material, as I have already used up what I had "in stock".  It bums me out because a few years back when I had decided to launch Razberries, I had bought some old photographs from a bin at an antique store somewhere up in Maine with the idea that they would somehow be made into cards. This was before I even owned a decent printer, Photoshop, or a scanner. Of course, I have moved so many times, that I either threw them out inadvertently, or they've been misplaced.

I distinctly remember the bin  at the antique shop being labeled, "Create your own family." I thought it was a funny little sign, but I was intrigued, so I dug right in.  I sifted through at least fifty photographs.  Ones of families, of children, of pets, and special moments...It was a bit sad but interesting at the same time.  Sad because someone had taken those photos, and at one point, those people and things in those pictures meant something to someone. To have had them last so long and be in the condition they were in, I believed that there was perhaps a little old lady who had passed away, and had no living relatives, and her items were just thrown wherever into the universe.

I guess I am overthinking it too much.  I personally love photographs, especially old ones, because they help remember what you did years ago, how you used to look, friends and places of your past that you may have forgotten about...Anyhoo, here is one of my favorites.  I have two (!) interviews tomorrow, so wish me luck!  I am so sick of being unemployed.  Have a good night!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crafters and Artisans Site

My fellow Etsian (KnitsForKids), whom I met on Twitter, of all places, is doing something very special for online artists like myself. Cecile, founder of the "Crafters and Artisans Directory", has kindly linked my Razberries site to her site/blog.  She is also an abundant source of knowledge.  If you would like to be a part of her artist community, feel free to shoot her an email.  To pay it forward, perhaps you could mention her on your site or Etsy page, as well as click on the Google ads, which help keep her site running.   Here is her site: http://www.craftersandartisans.com/

Over the weekend, I created 22 different photo card designs, as well as 2 new prints, which I will be debuting on Etsy in the near future.  I just got done editing all of my photos this morning, now comes the tedious (but fun) task of adding to my shop.  All I have left to work on are some more Christmas/winter holiday items as I would like to have those at the craft fair.  People always seem to buy ahead, don't they? I usually start Christmas shopping now, but then again, I am a little bit nutty.

Funds are tight this year, as I am one of the many people who are still unemployed in this country.  Which bascially means that some of my gifts to friends and family will most likely be homemade.  I am fortunate enough though, that most of what I give to people, I think they actually enjoy (I hope?).  It is so exciting to create a personalized gift for a loved one, and there is no better feeling than when you see someone's eyes light up when they receive your gift. 

Well, I am off to Etsy to upload some photos and create some listings, while I am watching my favorite soap, "Days of Our Lives".  I told you I was nutty, didn't I?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"The Beatles" in clay- featured in an Etsy treasury!

A fellow Etsian kindly included me in their treasury of all things "Beatle"...check out the link here and help support my fellow artists in this category:

Was also flattered by someone's comment (see last comment below)- pasted here for your convenience :-)

It is funny because today I was working on inventory for an upcoming craft fair this coming Columbus Day weekend, and thought I should add some prints of "The Beatles" as well as my other clay figures, and was working on different prints/sizes, etc. Just deciding on whether I should sell them as cards or prints. While in the midst of that, I did re-shoots of  my clay designs "Chilly", "Jack" and "Gobble".

What a nice surprise it was to log into Etsy for the sole purpose of uploading the new photos, and find that I not only had another sale, but was also featured in a treasury today!  This made it worth getting up at 4:45 a.m. this morning to make 8 turkeys, glaze all of my pumpkins and snowmen (that I was up late last night creating) and print a bunch of stuff, etc.  Hopefully my hard work will eventually pay off, but in the meantime, I am really just enjoying doing what I love.

It has been a dreary, rainy day but it was a perfect day for me because it motivated me to create some stuff.  I hope you all enjoy what is left of your weekend, too!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorority Girl

Okay, so I know when most people hear the word "sorority" they cringe...well, for me, pledging 14 years ago was one of the best things I ever did.  Besides just being a great way to network, I have met some of the most interesting and loveliest women on the planet.  I have been to their weddings and baby showers.  We have shared secrets and have been there for eachother when maybe nobody else could be. 

I used to think that sorority girls were just party girls who liked fraternity guys and were ditzy.  So not the case.  Our sorority has women of all different backgrounds, colors, shapes, sizes, you name it.  Although we are all unique in our own way, we all have our sorority in common. I am so proud of our organization, and was really excited when we had the chance to celebrate at our 40th Anniversary party last night.

Sisters in their 20's and sisters in their 60's all co-mingled and reminisced.  It was such a memorable evening.  A slide show played for the duration, and a dj played hits old and new.  It was just like being at a wedding reception.  There was dancing and joking, and for most of us, it was just like old times and we had never missed a beat. 

For those who couldn't make the event, they were very much missed.  About 60-something sisters were in attendance, but over the years almost four hundred women have passed through the doors....that's a lot of sisters!  I had such a great time with all of the sisters and I look forward to our next anniversary/reunion.

If anyone is considering joining a sorority or fraternity, it is a very personal choice, but from my own experience I can tell you this- I have made friendships that are lifelong. Those tv shows/movies that glorify hazing, etc. are just that- a glorified misrepresentation- I would never put myself or anyone else in harm's way. I am horrified when I see reports on the news about what is going on with college hazing nowadays- it really saddens me. I even recently saw a commerical for a horror movie about sorority girls and had to laugh (of course I will probably view the movie just for the giggles).

I remain the geeky, artsy, weird, outspoken girl with my own different sets of friends outside of a sorority, yet being a sister has definitely enriched my life and I have learned so much from all of the people I have met in the process.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snowmen, Turkeys and a sick Turtle

We just got my 3 red eared slider turtles back from my mother's the other week...they reside in a man-made pond in her back yard during the summer. When it gets a bit chillier, they come inside to my place.

These turtles have been on a "time-share" for 4 years now. I would like to get them into a bigger tank, but with renting and space issues, I am not sure when that will happen. In the meantime, my 2 turtles (Leo and Raquel) and mom's 1 live in a big ol' Rubbermaid tote.

Big Boy has a neck infection, so every day I have to quarantine him after I jab him with a cotton swab full of silver sulfadiazine cream. He had the infection before and it healed up- thankfully I had a lot of the cream left.

I created two new "clay beings" designs last night- one is "Gobble"- a turkey for Thanksgiving, and then I also created a snowman named "Chilly." Trying to get out of this art funk I have been in, plus I really need to up my inventory because I will be trying to sell my wares at yet another craft fair on Columbus Day weekend. This one looks to be promising, as it will be on the grounds of a farm, where they sell the seasonal stuff like plants, flowers, pumpkins, etc.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather- this is definitely my favorite time of year!

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