Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new site coming soon!

Last week, I created a new Razberries site. Eventually, this blog will be just one of many pages on my site.  I am excited about this, because now my site shall look "real" and not have a blog page as a home page.  Not that I am not interested in maintaining a blog, but I would really like the focus to be on my artwork, first and foremost.

I also revamped my Etsy site a bit- I changed the banner to match my new site presence.  Just so that everything will flow and look more cohesive.  I am going with a chocolate brown, pale pink, hot pink, and kelly green color scheme.  Mostly the colors I had before, but now brown is the dominant color.

I made 6 little Valentine-inspired heart magnets for the upcoming expo.  I plan on having them be sold at the expo, so I am not sure if I will intend to sell them on Etsy or not.  I will try to take some pictures, regardless.  I need to mail the package out to my friends in Maine tomorrow, or they may not get it in time!

Hope you are enjoying what is left of your week!

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