Monday, May 10, 2010

My artwork was included in a Regretsy charity auction!

Like I said, I am trying to play catch-up, so please bear with me...I hope to eventually include all of the photos and links on my main site ( too.

April Winchell had asked on  if anyone would like to donate artwork for a charity auction to Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe in NYC for the end of April.  The money raised would go to homeless people living with AIDS. Here is a link to the event that took place on 4/28/2010.

There were a total of ten lots for the auction, and I was fortunate to have a few of my items in 3 different lots for the auction.  Here are the links to the lots that I was included in:

The Regretsy Plush Collection ( with my Mr. Snarky Sauce stuffed ketchup bottle)

The Regretsy Vagoo Tote Bag (with my Regretsy-inspired magnet set)

The Regretsy Jewelry Collection (with a reproduction of my Mini-Me April Winchell figure and Queen of Snark pendant necklace)

I was also fortunate enough to be able to make it to the event in NYC!  I went with my best friend from high school, and got to meet some other Regretsy fans/artists, and of course, April Winchell!  It was a wonderful evening!  $1,200 was raised for charity!  It was even filmed by ABC's "Nightline"!  I wonder if me and my friend will be in the background once it is aired-LOL.  I will list more info about it once I know anything.

Below is a photo of myself and April, taken by my friend/artist Mari Lowery (here is her shop on Etsy
Notice how April is holding a duck, just like the "duck lady" that is kinda sorta similar to the Regretsy logo.  I got the idea to bring a rubber duckie because of my friend on the Regretsy site, "Ducksnew"- she had said I should bring a duck and ham it up in the background if the Nightline people were filming around me.  Well, I told her I'd one-up that idea and have the duck lady herself hold the duck!  So that's the explanation for this photo, if you happened to be wondering. ;-)

Sorry I have been M.I.A.

I have lots to catch you all up on!  First and foremost, I would like to thank those kind souls who featured some of my artwork in their etsy treasuries this past month.  Although I admit I am lazy about maintaining this blog, I do try to keep up with documenting all of the exciting moments.

I am going to separate each entry for easier reading, but here is one of the first ones...around April 11th, Valentine Fiber Arts (the creator of the "whimsicle" beaded butterfly pin) put together a cute treasury featuring artists that were in the Regretsy book. 

My "chicken poncho" card and magnet gift set ( was one of the items featured.  My good friend Jen Grant, ( creator of the original chicken poncho- which is coincidentally, on the cover of the book- and I collaborated on the idea.  Some of the proceeds from this item (as well as a chicken poncho pendant necklace also available on my etsy site) will go to Oxfam.  I also had a great time redesigning Jen's etsy shop banner, so check it out!

Although the treasury isn't viewable currently, I of course have conveniently screen capped the treasury (I told you I document everything) for you to view here.  It was a real honor to be featured alongside some of my other favorite friends/Regretsy artists.  Hope you enjoy!

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