Monday, May 10, 2010

My artwork was included in a Regretsy charity auction!

Like I said, I am trying to play catch-up, so please bear with me...I hope to eventually include all of the photos and links on my main site ( too.

April Winchell had asked on  if anyone would like to donate artwork for a charity auction to Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe in NYC for the end of April.  The money raised would go to homeless people living with AIDS. Here is a link to the event that took place on 4/28/2010.

There were a total of ten lots for the auction, and I was fortunate to have a few of my items in 3 different lots for the auction.  Here are the links to the lots that I was included in:

The Regretsy Plush Collection ( with my Mr. Snarky Sauce stuffed ketchup bottle)

The Regretsy Vagoo Tote Bag (with my Regretsy-inspired magnet set)

The Regretsy Jewelry Collection (with a reproduction of my Mini-Me April Winchell figure and Queen of Snark pendant necklace)

I was also fortunate enough to be able to make it to the event in NYC!  I went with my best friend from high school, and got to meet some other Regretsy fans/artists, and of course, April Winchell!  It was a wonderful evening!  $1,200 was raised for charity!  It was even filmed by ABC's "Nightline"!  I wonder if me and my friend will be in the background once it is aired-LOL.  I will list more info about it once I know anything.

Below is a photo of myself and April, taken by my friend/artist Mari Lowery (here is her shop on Etsy
Notice how April is holding a duck, just like the "duck lady" that is kinda sorta similar to the Regretsy logo.  I got the idea to bring a rubber duckie because of my friend on the Regretsy site, "Ducksnew"- she had said I should bring a duck and ham it up in the background if the Nightline people were filming around me.  Well, I told her I'd one-up that idea and have the duck lady herself hold the duck!  So that's the explanation for this photo, if you happened to be wondering. ;-)

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