Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick me, sick turtle

Okay, so again I am having an issue with another of my turtles...another neck bite.  Now that they have come to maturity I think it is time to separate my remaining two because if I don't, who knows what will happen.

I noticed the female Raquel is attacking Leo, the smaller turtle.  I luckily had leftover medicine from Big Boy's neck injury, but I am afraid that Leo will end up like Big Boy if I don't take action-who knows, maybe Raquel killed him? I will never know.  Right now I quarantine each of them in a bucket within their tank in different time slots throughout the day just to make sure that each of them can swim and get some of the heat lamp.  But this is only a temporary solution.

Our place will end up looking like Sea World, because I am considering that the only real solution is to get two separate tanks.  Don't ask why Raquel is biting Leo, I have no idea.  Usually the males bite the females in mating, but I am 90% positive that Raquel is indeed a female.  I know this because Big Boy used to do this "mating call" thing with her typical of their breed...he would put his claws out in front of her and swirl his arms around in the water in front of her face- a sort of mating dance, if you will.

Anyhoo, whilst that turtle drama is going on, I am home sick with an awful viral infection.  I don't feel motivated to do much at all.  Although I did just upload about 7 or 8 new designs to Etsy.  I bought some wonderful vintage photos in Essex, MA last Sunday and was able to incorporate them into some designs.  Then I digitally altered some photos I already had.  One in particular was of our cat, Lucky from last year at Valentine's Day.  She even gave her "Paw's up" approval on her print!

Well, I hope you have a lovely Veteran's Day!  Thanks to everyone who has served or is serving, both past and present, that take such good care of our country.  We really appreciate all that you do for us!

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