Monday, November 23, 2009

Yes, I have been M.I.A....

I have been quite busy lately- I have that upcoming craft fair in Boston that I have been focussing most of my energies on.  Anyhoo, the past couple of days have been delightful days for creating!
I have designed some new greeting cards and also prints.  I also "learned" how to print directly onto my cardstock...I think this will make my cards look much more streamlined, plus it allows me to print my logo directly onto the back of the card, rather than my old alternative of placing a sticker on the back.  Plus then I don't have to adhere photos to the fronts.  Although some of the designs I like as I am not sure what I am going to do. ???  Then there is the whole process of taking all new photos for Etsy because of the changes.  Argh.

I have done two custom orders in the past two weeks- these are a lot of fun for me, because making something personal for someone is such an honor.  I made one recently for one of my friends, who is giving it as an Xmas gift.  Then today I received an order to customize one of the prints I currently have in stock.

I hope to get some images on here soon, just because I love having pictures on my site, and it gives me a chance to show you what I am working on! I recently finished a print of a hairdresser-thought it could look cute framed in a beauty shop or something.  I am just about to begin another print, I said, busy bee! I also had an interview today that I think went pretty well, considering I have a second interview coming up, but of course me speaking of it makes me superstitious...

If I don't happen to get back on here this week, I hope you all have a Happy Turkey Day!  Thanksgiving is personally one of my favorite holidays.  You can eat all you want and you don't have to exchange presents.  What could be better, I ask?

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