Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RIP Big Boy

Sheesh, it's been one heckuva year!  Came back from running errands yesterday and went to feed the three of them, the infamous "Big Boy" (the one who had the neck infection) wasn't moving from the bottom of the water.  So I picked him up and noticed that his eyes were closed and his little legs were all stiff and sticking straight out.  Ugh.

I am not sure what he died of, but I was so sad.  After having such a lovely weekend, meeting new vendors/friends/connections at the craft fair this past weekend, I was thinking positively and getting inspired.  Right now "Big Boy" is in my freezer in a ziploc baggie awaiting to be buried at my mother's, just like our dog "Pokey" was in August.

I did take many pictures of my turtles, and "Big Boy" always was a ham for the camera!  I will post some new designs and also some pictures of the fair when I am up to it.  It was sooo windy there on the farm! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend. 

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