Sunday, August 16, 2009

new stuff at Etsy

Well I just uploaded a few more of my prints to Etsy this evening. I am bummed though because a bunch of other photos I had taken didn't come out too well so I now need to do a reshoot for five of my designs.

I have noticed one thing- I need to remember to blink every once in a while! My eyes were so red and have been killing me these past few days. I was staring so intently working with my Bamboo (the infamous drawing tablet) that I was getting eye fatigue. Oops! It probably hasn't helped much that I have gotten zero sleep either.

My boyfriend keeps teasing that I am in "artist mode" but it is very true. When a great idea hits you at midnight, you don't go to bed, you stay up and work/think it through. I had been looking at old photos and became inspired recently to do a digital recreation of a photo from my childhood.

Like I said, that tablet is awesome. I just can't say enough great things about it (and no, I am not an employee of Wacom, although I wish I was so I could play with more of their products!)...I just wish I had purchased one sooner.

Oh, and is it wrong that I just consumed a piece of Jello pudding pie at 11:30 pm? My body clock is so messed up, I figure I may as well just go with it. Okay now I am rambling...this is what happens when sleep deprivation kicks in.

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