Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blah- a rainy day

Just finished taking some photos of three new prints (that I had created last night) this morning...they came out awful though because of this gray and rainy day. The overhead spotlights cast an icky glare and they just don't mimic the real sun! Oh well. I was hard at work yesterday- I created four different sets of gift tags, and three prints. May have to do yet another re-shoot but not in any rush to start that.

Two of my prints I had so much fun creating last night- "Ginger" and "Mary Ann"- yes, the characters from "Gilligan's Island". A random idea popped into my head to create little caricatures of them, so I did. I may have a theme going...I don't mean I am going to create the rest of the cast (well, unless I received a special request to do so), but I may explore other celebrities or tv/movie characters.

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