Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gnomes, etc.

Today I finally took out this huge multi-pack of Sculpey that has literally been kicking around in my posession for three-plus years. I thought that it had probably gone stale and was afraid to even open it because I felt guilty about the possibility of having to discard of it.

Since I have been making so many prints lately, I figured I needed a new diversion. Which brought me to the package of Sculpey...I thought, if it's stale, then it's less clutter in my art room. I opened one section up and kneaded it between my fingers. It was super pliable. I tried two initial designs- one of a flat mermaid which I thought could be made into a magnet (but her head fell off and now needs superglue), and another of a little sitting girl...but I just wasn't thrilled or enthused with how they came how excited was I when I realized I could make an army of gnomes?

Yes, gnomes. I think they have started to pick up in popularity again. I realized this on Etsy after the fact! I hope mine stand out enough though that people will see my design is somewhat different than the others. I thought up the design from my head and then saw similar- here I thought I was being so original- oh well.

After I made my initial design, I called both my sister and my friend and asked them their opinion via cell phone pictures. Both of them told me that those gnarly little gnomes needed noses. I tinkered with the design some more and came out with batch number two. Then I thought, since I am on a roll, why not try sculpting some other creatures?

I also sculpted a bumble bee (may be hard to ship, it's antennae are pretty fragile) and a sunshine which included a hook for hanging as an ornament. Tomorrow I will have them uploaded to Etsy after I have a "gnome photo shoot". The initial photo shoot went well, but those were with the old designs. Out with the old, in with the new, I say!

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